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Update 01/07/2008: I wrote a tool which does all that stuff automatically.
Please have a look at it here.


Hello everybody.

I want to post a small how-to on getting a Netgear WGT624(V3) to work as a client, repeater or bridge.

I got 2 of that kind and I searched the internet to death.
Nothing anywhere about that.

Now I just found out how to get these things to work and I wanted to share that knowledge with the world:

Let's go:

Configuration as client

1. Download a tool which can be found here (Updated due to broken links: 07/15/2007): link dead.

This is a file from a firmware update package with the name "telnetEnable.exe" which was located in it.
We need just that file -> that's why, we extract it to C:\ .

2. Find out the MAC-Address of the future AP and write it down.
The quickest way to do that is with C:\arp -a, but you can find it also on the backside of the AP [Pic1].

MAC address on the backside of the router
Pic1: MAC-address of the router

3. Connect your computer via LAN-cable with the router, which will be the client
(The later on does not work remote!)
Then, get to know its MAC-address and write it down (like Pt. 2).

4. In the configuration menu, assign the same SSID like the AP to the Client.
Do the same with the channel.
On demand, activate WEP encryption (recommended!).
- Unfortunately, WPA encryption does not work in client mode.

5. Leave the configuration menu.

6. Open a console: start -> Run... -> type "CMD" -> ENTER

7. There, type: CD \ -> ENTER

8. Then type: C:\telnetEnable CLIENTS_IP_ADDRESS CLIENTS_MAC_ADDRESS Gearguy Geardog -> ENTER

The MAC address has to be written without colons and in capital letters.

The MAC address is: 00:0f:b5:ce:12:34
Then it becomes: 000FB5CE1234

CLIENTS_IP_ADDRESS is - of course - the IP address of the future client.
"Gearguy" is the username of the router and "Geardog" is the password (case sensitive!).

9. If everything went fine, no message appears and we find ourselves back onto the prompt.
Elsewise, maybe "Error 10057" or something similar appears.
In that case check your connection to the AP (correct IP address?, cables plugged in correctly? and so on.)

10. Now type: telnet CLIENTS_IP_ADDRESS -> ENTER

11. In the (hopefully *g*) following prompt login:, we type: Gearguy -> ENTER
On password: we type Geardog -> ENTER.
(attention: case sensitive!)

12. Now a prompt should welcome us, similar to this one:

Summarized, it schould look like this:

13. In that prompt we type: wla -> ENTER

14. set remoteAP APS_MAC_ADDRESS -> ENTER

attention: please consider to put the AP's MAC address in here, NOT the client's one!

A remark:
The MAC address which is inserted here, must be with colons and in capital letters.

Like this: 00:0F:B5:CE:56:A1
Our screen schould now look similar to this:
Konsolenfenster mit remoteAP Einstellung

15. set oper sta -> ENTER

Finally, this command sets the router into client mode!
You can also try for a test set oper -> ENTER
Then you get the following output:
Mögliche Betriebsmodi des Routers

That means, you have nothing more to do than replacing the parameter behind set oper with the needed mode.

Finally, three inputs follow:

16. .. -> ENTER

17. save -> ENTER

18. reboot -> ENTER

19. Now, the console should close.

If everything went good, the client should announce to the AP after the reboot.

Some additional remarks:

I absolutely don't recommend to play around in the routers console, if you have no idea what you are doing!
Else you may be forced to repeat the whole procedure.
Or worse - under certain circumstanced you may even damage your router!
So, pay attention!

If against expecting, the router does not announce to the AP, don't directly despair. Try to turn it off and on.
Sometimes that helps.

And if the router doesn't say anything - just reset it.

I hope that was helpful for one or another.
If someone has additional questions or just wants to say thanks:
I'm happy about feedback! :)

PS: I apologize for my not-so-good English. I'm still learning ;)